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Christ is a friend of mine, his spirit, my adviser, and support in hard times. I didn't always know this, but looking back, feel it was always so, acknowledged or not.

I stumbled or was led to the Publisher of Watchman Nee. I read, then researched, then wondered aloud why we here so few sermons about the Holy Spirit, Christ's first gift to mankind that we so often ignore.

I am a student of literature, and so am struck by the title sometimes given to the bible as “The Greatest Story Ever Told.” It is so much easier to read as an unfolding story, the story of God for men and women, than a bundle of 66 separate books we somehow have to meld together for the complete message.

On a personal level, I believe in healthy families and am blessed with one, my wife of 50 years, three daughters, a son, and seven grandchildren to date. We all live in or near Orange County, CA. I came here for a good job teaching in the computer industry and stayed. My wife led me to Jesus, teaches art, and paints large oils depicting the Holy Spirit.

We are a fortunate family, led by the Holy Spirit, and protected by God. There are problems, of course, some much worse than others, as we struggle to remember that God has His Plan, and our desires don't always allow us to see it.


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Welcome to A World of Hope

Even if the local church turned you off, reading the Bible can be rewarding

GOD in us

Is the Holy Spirit Guiding your life?

The Unchurched

“The unchurched have not fulfilled Jesus command.”

The Unchurched 2019 by John D. Raphael

Answered Prayer

John’s study notes on Answered Prayer can be found on our Study Notes page of this website.

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John and Cherene's professional (business) profile can be found at:

The Art House Fullerton

 Friends Community Church of Brea

 John and his wife Cherene call Friends Community Church of Brea ( their home church where they attend regularly. 

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